AMCN Vol. 64/02

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— The Tuono’s tank has been blinged with TechSpec tank grips, featuring a super-cool rubberised Snake Skin material. Not only do they protect the tank from scratches, but the grips help you control the bike more as you can really dig your knees into them while slowing down and while chucking the bike side-to-side. Sticking them on was a simple 10-minute job as the peel-off backing is as easy as sticking on a band-aid. One of the sides had to be repositioned after application as the top edge wasn’t sitting flush with the crease in the tank, which wasn’t a drama as it peels off and sticks again easily.

The fitting instructions said the tank had to be heated up before sticking the grips on, so we used a hairdryer. The TechSpec grips are available for over 150 models and cost between $89 and $109. Apart from the Snake Skin, which features a low-profile diamond pattern, there’s a synthetic rubber blend with a simple rough texture, as well as a thick synthetic and clear variety.




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