TechSpec Kawasaki Tank Grips

$99.00$129.90 (inc. GST)

It’s about time you gave your Kawasaki and yourself some special care and attention. Purchase the ultimate TechSpec tank grips especially customized for your Kawasaki motorcycle to ride with style and safety. The all new TechSpec tank grips series for Kawasaki comes in three models including Snakeskin, C3 and High Fusion. They provide you ultimate grip while you are on the bike holding you in the right place without letting you slip or slide. Sleek design of the grip sheets gives your motorcycle a unique and completely new look.


Product Description

Add a set of exclusive TechSpec tank grips to your Kawasaki to make it feel different and enjoyable to ride. These tank grips allow the rider to feel more convenient to handle the bike and maintain balance at high speeds and low speeds both. You’ll feel the difference the moment you sit on your bike and start to ride it. It will simultaneously serve as a cover on your motorcycle tank protecting it from possible damages caused by heat, damp, wear and scratches. TechSpec is simultaneous with high quality, style and durability. Equip your Kawasaki with tank grips today and make it a bike to talk about.

Still wondering why you need tank grips on your Kawasaki?

  • Your bike comes to you with stock tank and no accessories to enhance your grip on the bike. Tank grips do the job effortlessly
  • Enhance the level of your riding from simply travelling to performing street stunts. Tank grips will hold firmly on the bike no matter
  • Enjoy long rides on your bike with no complaints of vibration. Tank grips reduce vibrations effectively

This kit comes in Snake Skin, our Premiere Product. If you would like to order this kit in High Fusion or C3 please contact us.