Snake Skin

TechSpec Tank Grips General Sheets

$84.90$99.00 (inc. GST)

It doesn’t matter the type of bike you ride, ride it with style, safety and comfort. Give your motorcycle a whole new look and feel with TechSpec tank grips. Any motorcycle in its stock form is ready to ride but not fully fit for a safer and more comfortable road experience. Equip your bike with TechSpec to experience riding your motorcycle at a whole new level. Adding these tank grips to your bike is not only about installing extra accessories on it. Benefits of using TechSpec tank grips general sheets are many.


Product Description

Why you need TechSpec tank grip sheets on your bike?

  • In spite of the level of your riding you need to give a high priority to your safety. TechSpec tank grips support you remain on the seat without sliding when accelerating, braking and even when performing stunts
  • Make your motorcycle more unique and stylish. With these sheets on, it will show off among other motorcycles
  • Ride along the toughest terrains with no sense of discomfort. These tank grips are designed to reduce vibrations
  • Protect the tank surface of your priceless bike from wear, dust, scratches and colour fade

TechSpec High Fusion Grip Skin tank grips are made with synthetic rubber for a better grip and enhanced durability. Try TechSpec ultimate tank grips on your motorcycle today to experience the difference of riding a bike with extra control and balance. Let the sheets expose to hot sun and heavy rain, they will remain intact. Why waiting? Get your bike a cool set of exclusive TechSpec tank grips general sheets today itself. It’s about time your gave your ride a new look and feel to boast about.

This kit comes in Snake Skin, our Premiere Product. If you would like to order this kit in High Fusion or C3 please contact us.