TechSpec Tank Wrap for Motorcycles

$139.90 (inc. GST)

Of all the accessories and items you need to add to your high performance bike, a TechSpec Tank Wrap is a must. Here is why.

A tank wrap effectively covers the tank on the areas where the knees and thighs of the rider are subject to constant contact. TechSpec special tank wrap is designed using a synthetic rubber material with an enhanced grip to provide the rider a better grip while riding. Its High Fusion rubber and special texture allows the rider to stay on the bike seat without sliding off even when taking the narrowest bends. Install a TechSpec Tank Wrap on your Yamaha and make it a ride with a brand new unique look. Install a tank wrap on your Honda and enhance its handling and control on the street. TechSpec is synonymous with high quality, style and durability. Equip your motorcycle with TechSpec Tank Wrap today and make it a bike to boast about.


Product Description

A special feature of TechSpec High Fusion tank wrap is the unique comfort it offers the rider despite the condition of the road or terrain. It reduces vibrations caused by heavily undulated roads giving the rider a comfortable ride from the start to the end. Feel the convenience of riding long distances with absolutely no complaints of aching thighs and knees.

In brief, TechSpec Tank Wrap…

  • Provide comfort and safety to the rider
  • Serves as a cover over the tank if your invaluable bike protecting it from wear, scratch and heat
  • Adds a unique sense of style to your bike
  • Gives you extra control over your motorcycle with enhanced balance and stability
  • Are available in customized shapes for your motorcycle tank

This kit comes in Snake Skin, our Premiere Product. If you would like to order this kit in High Fusion or C3 please contact us.