I have absolute faith and confidence when I ride on the road or at the track in TechSpec Snakeskin that I have put on my bikes. The grip is amazing, the quality is excellent and the look and fitment on my bikes are perfect. I have tried the rest and TechSpec is no doubt the best I have used, I will never use another brand again. I have recommended TechSpec to a lot of my riding friends and they all agree with me, TechSpec is the best tank grips out on the market. I have no hesitation in recommending TechSpec to anyone who is looking for tank grips and will mention how amazing mine have been.

Thank you Simon, you have always been a pleasure to deal with. I am looking forward to receiving the new grips for my new baby a BMW S1000RR.

— Bobby T


A necessity for every motorcycle. Riding with these on track allow me to be relaxed and focused on the task at hand which equates to faster lap times. On the street the grips allows me to lock my legs in place and stops me sliding around minimizing fatigue. Compared to stomp grips these are next level!!! Currently have had them on my s1000rr, RSV4, Panigale and just recently my 15 R1’s.

— Tommy H


I purchased the top of the line Techspec tank pads online two weeks before a planned solo bike tour of Tasmania on my 2001 Yamaha YZF R1. Of all the touring parts I purchased for this trip, the Techspec tank pads were easily the best purchase. They provided long distance comfort and definitely reduced fatigue in my legs for the long, boring trip from Sydney to Melbourne. And when it came to riding the insane hair-pins and sweepers in Tasmania, the grip level from knees to tank was brilliant, providing me with huge confidence levels and greatly assisted my riding ability. I feel these alone have helped me improve my riding style and for that reason alone mean they are worth the purchase price. Fantastic, well recommended product!

— Nathan E


Id like to thank Techspec for such an amazing product! With Techspecs, im able to allow my arms to rest more because my legs are locked onto the tank giving me support under heavy braking. This then allows me to have more energy and focus through the rest of the laps in our intense sessions were we need to be giving it 100% every second!

The fact that the grips are removable makes it easy because when we would have a crash we could simply remove the Techspecs and re stick them onto a new petrol tank! Thanks again for providing me with a fantastic product that gets me a step closer to the podium!

— Adrian Nestorovic


Omg! These tank pads have been such a god send. I thought I would have to sell the bike as it is such an extreme racing position with these pads it has enabled me to support my upper back and arms and wrists with the grip of my knees on the tank. I am 55 years of age this is my 28th brand new high performance motorcycle and never ever realised that these pads or any tank pad could enhance any riders riding experience and enjoyment what a wast of all those years and sore wrists arms and back. Thank you Simon I have been telling every bike rider I see!

— Kim Smith


Big thanks to Simon at Knee Down Distribution for this great product. I used to come home aching after a long day of riding from all the extra tension I had to apply to maintain my position on the bike, but can honestly say that this product has vastly improved that situation. In terms of value for money, these tank grips are one of the most underrated upgrades you can make to your sportsbike, and they look great!



Firstly I’d like to say that Simon from knee down distribution made buying this product super easy and super friendly, I put a late night enquiry in on a Sunday to the website because I was having difficulties finding this in store and five minutes later I get a call with all the information I needed plus a great chat to a fellow rider.

After installing them it was like riding a whole new bike, there is no leg slippage.. AT ALL!! Even under very heavy braking on downhill twisties, or on any of those hard to see bumps that shake you around.

I would seriously recommend this product to absolutely everyone no matter what you ride or where you ride, tech specs make bike control and body positioning 100% easier as your not squeezing the hell out of slippery tank anymore because the grip is fantastic. Your more comfortable, not working as hard on holding on with your knees so you can concentrate on more important things, added over all bike control and added style.

— Zac Radburn


Firstly id like to start off by saying that i have no bias against or for either stompgrips or Techspec. I purchased techspecs over stompgrips ONLY due to the feel of the grips, the texture of the grips, the fantastic service/warranty and the fact that they dont wear leathers!

These techspecs have far exceeded my expectations and i dont get a loss of grip from my knee on the slippery tank anymore. These are probably the best mod you can do for under 100$ ! I recommended over 10 friends to buy it and try it. EVERY SINGLE ONE came back with nothing but satisfaction 😀 Thats why I go tech spec!

— James


“I’d like to thank Simon for his amazing service and assistance getting my TechSpec Snake Skin Tank Grips. Within 5 minutes of me sending an enquiry email, Simon called and we discussed my needs. Absolutely no sales pressure, just a great chat with a really helpful guy.

Package turned up within a few days and turned out to be one of the best things I’ve put on the bike. Been using them for nearly 6 months now and can’t imagine riding without them. I got the rear tank protector as well which matches the side grips. The grips are of the highest quality and make you feel like you’re glued to the bike. Do yourself a favour and contact Simon, you won’t regret it.”

— Scott Cordwell


I went for a 3 day ride down south (WA) after fitting the tank grips and was rapt in how much more relaxing they made the spirited ride. With the rear sets, the Daytona has a very committed riding position for long freeway/commuting stages, so being able to use my knees & thighs helped greatly with shoulder strain.

Once on the real roads, the grips gave added control with braking & increased confidence at turn in.

— Rob & Marg Jack


I purchased a suzuki Bking as i was familiar with the engine from owning a hayabusa.The bking was far more comfortable to ride physically but i couldnt make a connection with the front end of the bike.I fitted my ohlins forks and penske shock,and that improved things alot but i still felt numb from turn in to the apex.

I had heard about tech spec but had never tried it,i knew tank grip helps from previous track bikes so i ordered some.The difference was immediate ,instant confidence from tip in to the apex,the puzzle was complete.The biggest surprise i found was the confidence came before i even consciously gripped the bike with my legs so it was working before i even realised it was working.

It’s a great product that greatly improves a riders trust of the front end,and riding a naked bike with tall bars its very easy to lose connection and faith in that front tyre.

— Glenn Northridge


Thanks simon, never thought how much of a difference it would make… the bike rides itself with me controlling the bike with the pads… so much pressure off the arms… makes life more enjoyable riding… go TechSpec

— Ben Nikolovski


I recently fitted TechSpec ‘Snakeskin’ tank grips to my Ducati 1098s Tricolore, and straight away I noticed a huge difference in bike control.

Now my knees get a proper purchase on the tank, which stops me sliding forward under brakes and virtually eliminates fatigue in my hands.

I chose the TechSpec product after talking with Simon, himself a keen rider.

If you want to enjoy your riding even more, I’d say these would be a great investment for anyone who rides a sports bike.

—Peter Bull


The tank grips are just as important tool in rider confidence as the tyre warmers. They take a lot of weight off my arms as my knees grip the tank allowing my arms to be free to flick the bike into the turn.

The tank grips help me lock in with my thigh leaving my hands loose on the bars.

— Lawrence


I just got home from a good ride & I live on a great bike road. Your Tankgrips make control of the bike much easier because of the increased stability of the rider. I used to wonder why my earlier model bikes had them & newer bikes don’t the answer is newer bikes need them more. Thanks, a great addition to my bike.

— Bob


I’ve had cheap Chinese tank pads and stomp grip tank pads. After getting Techspec I won’t go back to anything else. You get what you pay for and they are worlds apart difference in quality and feel and the adhesive is top notch.

You get what you pay for – highly recommended.

Speak to Simon from Techspec Aus and he will help you out in every way possible.

Very happy with product!

— Winston


I’ve been riding sports motorcycles now for 26 years and have owned 9 bikes in this time. Up until now the first things on any of my bikes has been a tank protector and headlight protector (after my first bike suffered from a cracked headlight and scratched tank due to inexperience). But now that has changed, and these items drop a place to 2nd and 3rd, with the 1st item now being TechSpec Snake Skin Tank Grips. Until now I’ve being reluctant to put tank grips on my bike due to what I’ve seen in the market place resembling a cheap cheese grater.

For the first time I’ve found a product that lives up to all it claims, and more. I’ve recommended TechSpec Snake Skin Tank Grips to all my riding friends.

— Jim Eckersley


I was advised by a friend to buy some techspec tank grips. He explained how they work and that they would help with my riding. That was the best advice someone has given me in regards to my bike and riding.

I have been on a few rides now and can certainly recommend these tank grips to help take the stress out of your upper body whilst riding. Cornering has become much more comfortable for me. I am really impressed how the grips have enhanced my riding and taken the fatigue away at the end of a long ride. Thank you Simon for your kind and efficient service.

— Linda Ward


These are without a doubt one of the best investment you can do on your bike. Before I had these my legs were getting fatigued dramatically too the point I had almost fell off my bike. Now with these I can easily get through a whole session and be able to focus on other important areas. These have now changed the way I ride and will most definitely investing these on all my future bikes.

— Michael Nguyen


I recently completed a 7500km charity ride from Townsville QLD through Ayers Rock NT and back, my snake skin grips made the ride 10 times better giving me comfort and control and easing pressure on my wrists. I have also found they make my aftermarket seat cushion work much better. Have tried other brands but will absolutely have Tech Specs on any bike i own in the future!! Customer service is second to none and i recommend them to all of my fellow riders.

— Brendan Winn


Techspec tank grip is the best! 

I use it on all of my bikes – track and road. I’ve used Techspec snakeskin for years and will not use anything else. The first mod for all of my bikes is Techspec, I love it! It’s excellent for road use and brilliant for the track! It makes the ride so stable, regardless of riding style and doesn’t shred the leathers.
I think a bike doesn’t quite look right without it. It definitely doesn’t feel right without it.

When I’m looking at buying a bike, it’s one of the first things I look for. I think every bike should have it. As usual, Simon was easy to deal with and very helpful.I can’t rate him or the product highly enough.

Thanks for an awesome product and excellent customer service.

— Dave West