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Comfort, Control and Performance
Body and weight control are essential techniques with not only aggressive/performance riding, but also with sport/casual touring. By griping the tank with your legs, you will improve overall control of your body motion, weight position and posture.
Proudly Importing & Distributing in Australia and New Zealand
Available for 150 Models of Motorbikes
By griping the tank with your legs, you will improve overall control of your body motion, weight position and posture. Having control of these factors enables the rider to have a smoother, less fatigued and more enjoyable ride.
Premium Tank Grips
TechSpec's theory of acheiving a solid grip is based on material properties and surface area contact. Our products are available in unique materials: Snake Skin & Clear


Benefits of Using TechSpec Grips

  • Increase/Maintain control of Weight & body position
  • Eliminate Sliding
  • Improve riding style
  • Decrease body Fatigue
  • Improve weight adjustment on the move
  • Protect tank from scuff marks
  • Providing benefits of Grip without damaging leathers

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  • TechSpec Triumph Tank Grips

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  • TechSpec Suzuki Tank Grips

    $99.00$129.90 GST
  • TechSpec Yamaha Tank Grips

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  • TechSpec Kawasaki Tank Grips

    $99.00$129.90 GST
  • SUNAX Premium Sunshields

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  • Helmet Holder

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The best bit of touring kit I fitted to my sports tourer is the tank grips. I do lot of two up touring with my partner (and panniers, top box and tank bag) so the dynamics of the bike are far from the ‘review’ specs. Prior to the grips I had difficulty getting enough grip during emergency or hard stops. Similarly in heavy cross winds, my knees would slide all over the place, something rain would exacerbate. My only regret – that I didn’t fit them sooner.

I no longer fatigue as quickly on long rides. I can just respond to changes without that nagging fear my legs would just slide up that polished tank. My advice – get a pair of tank grips and enjoy your ride more.

— Shane E.

I purchased the top of the line Techspec tank pads online two weeks before a planned solo bike tour of Tasmania on my 2001 Yamaha YZF R1. Of all the touring parts I purchased for this trip, the Techspec tank pads were easily the best purchase. They provided long distance comfort and definitely reduced fatigue in my legs for the long, boring trip from Sydney to Melbourne. And when it came to riding the insane hair-pins and sweepers in Tasmania, the grip level from knees to tank was brilliant, providing me with huge confidence levels and greatly assisted my riding ability.

I feel these have helped me improve my riding style and for that reason alone they are worth the purchase price. Fantastic, well recommended product!

— Nathan E.

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Media Releases

TechSpec Tank Grips on Media

TechSpec has been featured on the most popular magazines including Australian Motorcycles News. The product has been reviewed by professional riders and reflected the positive feedback on the magazine for the readers.

Featuring a super-cool rubberised Snake Skin material not only do they protect the tank from scratches, but the grips help you control the bike more as you can really dig your knees into them while slowing down and while chucking the bike side-to-side.

— Motorcycles Vol. 64/02

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