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β€” Tech Spec Tank Grip is a fantastic addition to your bike for track day riding.

We received a set of Tech Spec tank grips for a Ducati 1199 Panigale a while back from the Australian distributor

– Knee Down Distribution, which are perfect for our new Long Term Ducati 899. With a bit of free time we decided to fit them, so we would be able to test them out at the track and on road on the 899 and see what kind of difference that extra level of grip makes.

On their website the Tech Specs state they improve stability and cornering technique, body position and weight adjustment, weight control with passengers, handling characteristics and overall comfort and ride.

Applying the Tech Specs was also easy, just requiring the application areas be cleaned with grease and wax remover, with the tank grips then heated with a heat gun on low, before carefully removing the paper liner from a small section of the grip and applying it in the correct position. You then just continue peeling the paper liner off the back of the grip as you apply it, applying pressure to remove any air bubbles as you go. The Ducati’s tank is quite contoured which adds to the challenge a little but everything went smoothly for a great end result.

On track the Tech Spec makes a huge difference particularly towards the end of a session or even the end of the day. You save energy gripping the bike with your legs as you don’t need to squeeze as hard to get the same level as support as usual, particularly under hard braking. Also, your outside leg grips the bike as you hang off so you get more support, leaving less pressure on your inside footpeg and arms, allowing you to steer freely.

It’s fantastic stuff and once you try it you wonder how you hung onto your bike without it!

Available for over 150 models, the pads can be removed and reapplied numerous times without losing their stick.


  • TechSpec Triumph Tank Grips

    $99.90$129.90 GST

    or 4 payments from $24.98 with Afterpay

  • TechSpec Suzuki Tank Grips

    $99.90$129.90 GST

    or 4 payments from $24.98 with Afterpay

  • TechSpec Yamaha Tank Grips

    $99.90$139.90 GST

    or 4 payments from $24.98 with Afterpay

  • TechSpec Kawasaki Tank Grips

    $99.90$129.90 GST

    or 4 payments from $24.98 with Afterpay


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