SUNAX Premium Sunshields

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  • Varying light conditions and sudden dazzle have always been among the main stress and risk factors for motorcyclists.
  • Adaptively protects against sun glare when the sun is low and in every other driving situation
  • No handling, leaves your hands on the handlebars No change needed from eyeglasses to sunglasses
  • 100% UV-protection with every colour and light filter foil
  • No more extra weight, SUNAX Sunshields only weigh 1/2 ounce.
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The SUNAX sun & anti-glare visor uses a natural reflex of the human body: at sudden glare the head ducks slightly to avoid the discomfort – and at that moment the rider automatically looks through the sunshield and can see the road in front without further distortion. Approaching dangers can be recognised. Riding is considerably more relaxed under difficult light conditions.

This kit comes in Snake Skin, our Premiere Product.