TechSpec Aprilia Tank Grips

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Motorbikes, interestingly enough, do not come completely ready to ride. Tank grips are a necessity for all sports bikes, and installing one would certainly help the rider to ride in style! TechSpec tank grips would be ideal for your Aprilia bike. TechSpec is among the top brands of tank grips available, and are noted for their superior sleek design as well as durability and high quality. It is needless to say, that your Aprilia bike requires a professional tank grip suitable for all forms of riding.

Tank grips keep the rider in place when accelerating, braking and cornering. They ensure that the rider is more balanced and in control of his or her body motion, weight and pressure. Tank grips are useful not only for sports riding or stunts, but also prove useful in casual day to day riding. Coming in stunning design โ€“ Snakeskin,ย the TechSpec tank grip is designed to ensure optimum comfort and performance.

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Why should you use TechSpec Grips?

  • TechSpec grips are designed to eliminate the possibility of sliding in the seat
  • They also reduce fatigue of the rider, since riding becomes a smoother and easier task
  • Protects the tank from wear and tear, and by doing so improves the Aprilia bikeโ€™s resale value
  • Provides the rider with additional comfort by helping him or her control weight and body position.


Another great feature about TechSpec is that the tank grip are reusable after removal, due to its high quality of design. designed to be extremely slim and sleek โ€“ the Snake Skin having a width of 0.125 inches. this solid, durable tank grip are also extremely elegant โ€“ a great match for your Aprilia bike.

This kit comes in Snake Skin, our Premiere Product.