TechSpec Saddle Box Covers

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TechSpec is proud to announce the new Snake Skin TechSpec Saddle Box Covers for motorcycles. We fully understand that your bike means so much to you. A single scratch on the painting is almost unbearable. How about using a stylish wrap around your saddle box to guard it from scuffs by your passengers while protecting the paint from nature’s elements?

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The New TechSpec Saddle Box covers by TechSpec are all manufactured at state-of-the-art factories using high quality rubber material. There are basically two functions of this saddle box wrap. It covers the innermost area on the saddle box which is prone to constant contact with your passengers scuff. This area is often subjected to scratches and wear due to various reasons including the scuffs and other natural aspects such as rain and sun scorch. Exposing your saddle box to these factors can potentially damage the paint on your saddle box causing permanent colour fade and even endless scratches. The second function is providing an ultimate grip to the passenger to hold on to the motor cycle even at very high speeds. A slippery saddle box surface makes it inconvenient for the passenger to keep their hands in one place. With TechSpec Snake Skin Saddle Box Cover you can let your passenger comfortably ride along with you while preventing your saddle box surfaces being affected and damaged over time.


Benefits of installing TechSpec Saddle Box Covers

  • An ultimate protection to the glossy paint on your saddle box against passenger scuffs and nature’s elements
  • A firm grip for your passenger to keep their hands in place
  • A brand new stylish look to your priceless ride
  • Comfort to your passengers during long rides

This kit comes in Snake Skin, our Premiere Product.