TechSpec Triumph Tank Grips

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A Triumph is not just another two-wheeler on the road that people use to ride. Each and every Triumph on the road has its own story and identity. Give yours a unique identity with high quality TechSpec tank grips. Purchase the ultimate TechSpec tank grips especially customized for your Triumph motorcycle to ride with style and safety. Tank grips allow you to handle your heavy ride with confidence and a feel of comfort. These rubber sheets are designed and manufactured in state of the art factories using synthetic rubber for enhanced grip and prolonged durability.

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Be triumphant on the road. Remain on your seat in the right place while riding fast, taking narrow bends and even when performing stunts if that is your level of riding. These tank grips are especially designed for Triumph motorcycles to keep the rider in place with enhanced grip. The matching tank grip for your Triumph model available in Snakeskin. This tank grip model feature an identical texture from which you can install on your bike the most suitable tank grip on your bike as per the level of your riding.


Here are four reasons as to why you need tank grips on your Triumph

  • Safety is the first priority. Get a tank grip to avoid sliding on the seat
  • Make your Triumph a unique and different piece from all the other bikes available around
  • Enjoy long rides on your bike with no complaints of vibration. Tank grips reduce vibrations effectively
  • Protect the tank of your invaluable bike against scratches, wear and corrosion

This kit comes in Snake Skin, our Premiere Product.